The fakes Emir Bachir blocks

About the sheets issued by the Lebanese Republic in 1942, better known as the Proclamation of Independence or Emir Bachir (Yvert and Michel n. 2/7, 200 printing) I wish to clarify the difference between the original and the fakes existing in the market.


fig 1 – The fake

In the original the paper is smooth and the color yellowish-white, while the fakes can be observed in grayish-white paper (fig 1). This fake is dangerous but you can locate it easily by observing magnified. In fact, in the original, the arabesque immediately above “Republica” in Arabic is clearly visible in the four values on the stamps with the Emir Bachir effigy (fig 2). In the fake, the arabesque is missing, or rather, there are only very light dashes confused.


Fake 1

fig 2 – The original

fig 3 – The fake


In the two air stamps the original have dots that define the design they are more or less dense but are seen on the whole extension of the stamp (fig 5). In the fakes, especially in the areas indicated by the red arrows, these dots do not exist (fig 6).



fig 4 – The fake


Originale 1


fig 5 – The original

fig 6 – The fake



I hope I have helped those who are about to purchase these rare blocks.

Samir Chad