Syria, first T.E.O. overprint 2 and 3 Milliemes fakes

Recently appeared on the market dangerous fakes of the two most rare values of the first T.E.O. overprint stamps (Syria Yvert No. 2 and 3). They are of “Made in Lebanon” origin, but are offered from vendors based in other countries (fig 1 and 2).

Fake 1

Fake 2

Fig 1

Fig 2

Care must be taken because they are also “equipped” by the forged signature of the well-known philatelist expert A. Brun (fig 3).
fake 4
Fig 3

The difference from the original can be seen at great magnification (x 10) observing the outside boundaries of the typefaces used for overprinting. In the original they are net, while the fakes are jagged and with microscopic dots (fig 4). Warning, in the reverse is also present the distinctive emboss caused by overprint pressure.

Fig 4