Cyprus-Lebanese Meeting – Larnaca 21/22 October 2023

The Cyprus Philatelic Society invited the LAP to a meeting which took place on 21 and 22 October 2023 in Soloneion Book Centre, Strovolos Nicosia. In addition to the members of the two philatelic societies and Bill Hedley President of FEPA, was also present Mrs Vasiliki Kassianidou Minister of Culture, Mr. Alexis Vafeades Minister of Transport, Communication and Work and Mr. John Moussa Deputy representing the Maronite of Cyprus.

Group photo of FEPA, CPS and LAP members with authorities.

The two-person meeting took place in the form of a short exhibition of the collections in two frames format, alternating between a Lebanese and a Cypriot exhibitor. On Saturday 21st at 5:00 PM for the LAP Mohamad Traboulsi started by exhibiting his collection “Foreign Postal Offices in Beirut”, followed by Costas Athanasiou with “Errors on the 1 Penny and half Penny. FEPA President Bill Hedley exceptionally presented his collection “Early Venetian Overseas Letters” followed by Bernardo Longo with “Syriana 1918-1921”, an explanatory collection on current events in Lebanon and Syria after the Turkish defeat. Stelios Theophilou concludes with “Cyprus Civil Censorship 1914-1959”.

Mrs Vasiliki Kassianidou congratulates Nabil “Billy” Karam president of LAP.

“Our Cedars” awards given to CPS’s Vice President Akis Christou, Bill Hedley FEPA’s President and CPS’s President Costas Athanasiou.

Bill and Billy receives Cyprus awards.

Mohamad Traboulsi in a charming photo receives recognition from Costas Athanasiou.

LAP’s Vice President Bernardo Longo receives recognition from Costas Athanasiou.

Sunday 22nd at 9:30 AM the second day begins with LAP’s Board Member Fadi Barcha who exhibits his unusual “legal History” collection on legal documents and revenue stamps issued in Lebanon from 1860s to 1945. Followed by Yannis Pipis with his incredible “The Postal History of the UN Peace Keeping forces in Cyprus”. Now it’s Houssam Mhaissen’s turn with “British Stamps used in Beirut” followed by the last exhibitor Akis Christou with the nice “Cyprus Forgeries” collection.

LAP’s Board Member Fadi Barcha, rewarded with his attractive collection of documents and revenues.

Yannis Pipis in an informal philatelic consultation with Akis Christou.

Houssam Mhaissen awarded by Costas Athanasiou.

Akis Christou awarded by Fadi Barcha.

What to say at the end of the two-day meeting? An exceptional and very lively experience also delighted by unscheduled events such as the mixed Cypro-Lebanese Sirtaki dance at the birthday party of a relative of the CPS’s Vice President Akis Christou. See you next time then, in Lebanon this time “Inshallah”.