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Maxicards from Lebanon

Maximum cards are born in the late nineteenth century with the appearance of picture postcards and postal stamps. At that time, the back of the postcard was reserved only to the name and address of the recipient, correspondence and postage were thus on the front, on the side of the illustrated card, hence the name […]

Monochrome collection with multiple franking

                                                    Monochrome collection with multiple franking Multiple franking is often spectacular. Many collectors will pay particular attention to such items. This is particularly the case in Germany and in the German-speaking countries but also […]


                                United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)                              And some philatelic considerations on its third session in Beirut 1948 UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN). Its purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture in order […]


                                                                                                          The NOGUES Line In July 1938, the FIGARO newspaper reported in a dispatch that mail from the Levant was stamped with stamps celebrating the […]

Did you know?

                                                                                 Did you know? On June 2011, Libanpost put into circulation a stamp to honor President Sleiman Frangieh, nearly 40 years after the end of his mandate! Mr. FRANGIEH was […]

Anti-Tuberculosis seal stamps on Lebanese covers

INTRODUCTION: Tuberculosis (TB) has been known to mankind since ancient times. Earlier this disease has been called by numerous names including consumption (because of the severe weight loss and the way the infection appeared to “consume” the patient), phthisis pulmonaris and the white plague (because of the extreme pallor seen among those infected). In the […]

Journée mondiale de la santé

 Journée mondiale de la santé         The World Health Day is one of the world organization of health initiatives, founded in 1948. It is an event celebrated in all the member country where everyone, from the leaders to the general public is invited to consider a health problem that has consequences worldwide. […]

Lebanon hospital for mental diseases

Asfourieh hospital was founded in 1900, and received its first psychiatric patient on August the sixth of that year. The last patient was discharged from Asfourieh in April 1982. During those 82 years thousands of patients were hospitalized and treated at Asfourieh, and they received multiple modalities of treatment depending on the time frame they […]