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Syria, first T.E.O. overprint 2 and 3 Milliemes fakes

Recently appeared on the market dangerous fakes of the two most rare values of the first T.E.O. overprint stamps (Syria Yvert No. 2 and 3). They are of “Made in Lebanon” origin, but are offered from vendors based in other countries (fig 1 and 2). Care must be taken because they are also “equipped” by […]

Emirates Fabricated Covers

We received this report by the friends of the EPA and promptly publish EMIRATES PHILATELIC ASSOCIATION P.O. BOX 33333 – DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES EMAIL: epa@epa.ae 5th January 2015 Emirates Fabricated Covers  During the year 2012, some fabricated envelopes were seen offered through online auctions or by specialized Middle East stamp dealers. In the […]

Fake Egyptian cancel of Tripoli on 2 Piastres yellow

Lately I have been able to observe a fake cancel very interesting, imitating the postmark used by the Egyptian Post Office in Tripoli. In fact I did not know hitherto forgery postmarks imitating those that the Egyptian Postal Administration had distributed to offices opened in 1870 on the Syrian coast. For those who have had […]