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Mount Lebanon 1915/1918: the famine

The famine which affected the Mount Lebanon during the 1915/1918 period was the result of converging factors. The invasion of locusts in 1915, the impossibility of receiving foodstuffs from Egypt or other countries by sea, because of the maritime blockade imposed by the British, and finally the will of Jamal Pasha to weaken the mountain […]

The fake Pan Arab block with black printing doubled

Lately on the Facebook page “THE ARABIAN PHILATELY” an American friend, has posted certainly for provocation, an image of a block issued by the Lebanese Post in 1957 for the second Pan Arab games with an “apparent” black print doubled. Nevertheless one of the two black prints is definitely added later, precisely the one higher […]

Minimum rates in the Levant’s Countries under French Mandate. Part 1.

As promised here comes the article of the minimum domestic rates, fixed by the Postal Administration of Levant’s Countries that were under French Mandate, extended also after their Independence. Ever since I approached the postal history of Lebanon, I was intrigued about the issuance of really small face value stamps, such as E.E.F. stamp of […]