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The use of Aleppo Rosette on commercial mail

by Bernardo Longo   The purpose of this article is to show the postage use of so-called “Flueron d’Alep” stamps. For the complete philatelic description of this stamps issue I leave the task to some other brave collector.   A series consisting of nine French stamps overprinted by second Gedeon type “O.M.F. Syrie” and new […]

Non solo ora – Disinfezioni e quarantene nel passato – Not just now – Disinfections and quarantines in the past

Questo articolo e’ dedicato a tutti i miei connazionali in Italia costretti alla quarantena dal virus Covid 19. Eccezionalmente esso sara’ pubblicato anche nella lingua di Dante per facilitarne la lettura a quelli che come me poco sono avvezzi a quella di Shakespeare. This article is dedicated to all my compatriots forced to quarantine in […]

Lebanon – The post offices of the Bekaa Valley October 1918/September 1920

This article appeared in a slightly different form in “The Levant” Journal of the Ottoman and the Near East Philatelic Society issued in 3 September 2019. The Bekaa valley, currently Lebanese territory, is located between the Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon mountain chains, the latter became the current eastern frontier with Syria. Regarding longitude it […]

The fake “Grand Zero”

This piece of paper, a copy of the uncommon redrawing of the Bay of Djounie 50 Piastres stamp reissued in 1949 originally in dark red-orange (Michel n 425), is apparently absurd with blue print, but really it is not (fig 1). fig 1 – On the right, the enlargements of some areas affected by the […]


This article was published by the author in the Vaccari Magazine n 44 of November 2010. To talk about a particular cancellation of the Austrian Levant used in Beirut, it is necessary to start from a summary analysis of the postal seal and cancellations used by the foreign offices operating in the Lebanese city (Fig.1). It […]

Post Card sent by Overland mail

Some time ago I asked to our friend Rainer Fuchs about how many postcards he knew used by Overland mail during the period 1923 to 1929 when the mandatory surcharge was required. I admit it: I already had something in my hands which I considered very rare and I wanted to get a confirmation from […]