A short review of a Lebanese iconic beer


Founded in 1933 under the French mandate by the JABRE family at Bauchrieh, the brewery was initially named « Brasserie et malterie Franco-libano-syrienne ». It was and remains the only Lebanese brewery. Its production turned around 1000 bottle/hour at that time.


1935-Outgoing cover with Grand-Liban stamps overprinted with french and arabic “République Libanaise”.

Beer is a fermented beverage, prepared from malt, corn and hops which give the bitterness. Czechoslovakia had a long-time malt industry tradition. No wonder then we can find commercial covers between Prague and Bauchrieh. Klatscher & Lorenz was for instance an established malting firm in Prague. It ceased its trading activity in April 1939.


1939-Outgoing cover with regular Lebanese stamps overprinted with new value.

After the 1950’s, the brewery was renamed: « Brasserie & Malterie-Almaza » and we find advertisement on reverse where the brewers state that “Beer with its low alcoholic rate makes it a hygienic and refreshing drink with medical virtues”. Scientific truth or advertising? We let you the judge of such statement…




1962- Nice decorated outgoing cover to one of Europe’s largest breweries.

It is only after the civil war of Lebanon in the nineties that the brewery takes its final name: “Brasserie Almaza S.A.L.”.

This review was just an occasion to say:

 “Kesak ya friends”