Lebanese Association of Philately

،أيها الأصدقاء

اللغة العربية هي مثالية ولكن سيكون من الصعب جدا ترجمة مصطلحات الطوابع و التاريخ البريدي

لتجنب إدخال مصطلحات إنجليزية أو فرنسية في الجمل العربية اتخذنا قرار كتابة كل هذا الموقع باللغة الإنجليزية التي هي لغة عالمية

What is LAP?

Lebanese Philatelic Association

The Lebanese Philatelic Association (LAP) was established according to Ministerial Decree No. 2013/4/9251 on August 2013 and is duly registered in the order of the non-profit associations. The Executive Body of the association is made up of five members appointed for four years. We can summarize the objectives of the association below:

To encourage and develop the promotion of philately and postal history collecting for people of all ages
To offer services to its membership and to philately in general, including knowledge and education, which enhance the pleasure and friendliness of stamp collecting
To hold symposia and exhibitions on philately in co-operation with the authorized departments
Co-operate with Arab and International Philatelic Associations and clubs
To represent Lebanon in the world body of philately
To assist its members in acquiring and disposing of philatelic materials
To support collectors, LAP has a committee of experts for the Lebanese stamps and postal history

In order to materialize the discussions and studies on philately and postal history, the association publishes the journal Lap Magazine every four months. For all members regularly registered they can download it in PDF format directly from this website. Moreover the articles published will be inserted from time to time according to their subject, in the library section.

Thank you for the attention, and hope to have sparked your interest, on behalf of all the governing body I extend my greetings,
Bernardo Longo (LAP Vice President)

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